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Deep South Crunchy Mom

Wellness Warrior

Just a crunchy, holistic momma with a desire to help others on their wellness journey, and chronicle my life in the process. 

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The Autism Connection

I have been debating which virus to cover next in my vaccine series, and really just can’t decide which is most important. Rather than...


Measles is quite the hot topic right now. It’s spurring a lot of states to try to remove all but medical exemptions, and even had New...

Chicken pox

This is a blog I can’t believe I’m writing. I can’t believe worry over chicken pox is actually a thing. I had chicken pox as a kid. I had...


Probably the most common concern when people hear I don’t vaccinate is Polio. The fear of getting a virus that can cause lifelong...

Vaccine guide

This will be a short post...I just really wanted to create a place to save this. if you ever find yourself in a vaccine debate and need...


For those who didn’t live the nightmare with us last summer, my youngest baby fell in a fire pit August 12. (Read about it...

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The real me

Hey y’all! I’m Kara, a mom of 3 in the rural parts of Florida. I’m a southern girl at heart, and I love all things natural. If you’re here from the start, you’ll read me telling my story starting at college, leading up to present day. Writing is therapeutic for me, so that’s the driving force. I hope y’all enjoy it and stick around a while. 

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“Be relentless in the pursuit of your goals, especially in the face of obstacles. Along the way, make no excuses and place no blame.”

Ray Bourque

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