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A broken heart

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Q was a workout freak who had dragged me into his obsession. So, when the pain started above my right hip on my back, I thought it was a pulled muscle. I drove to work that night, and just moving my foot from the gas to the brake pedal was excruciating. I could barely stand at work, so working at a sporting goods store wasn’t going well. I went home to sleep it off, but the pain just grew worse.

After a couple hours, I had the girl next door in my dorm walk me to the health department. They took a urine sample, and it turned out the UTI I had thought I was treating with cranberry juice had gone to my kidneys, and the discoloration in my urine was blood. They decided to transport me immediately to the hospital.

I knew my parents were almost in town, and I didn’t want them to have to search for my things, so I called Q and asked him to put my things in my car. I never imagined how that would backfire.

My parents arrived right before I was taken to the hospital. My mom saw all my things in my car and thought that meant I was living with Q, something completely unacceptable for a pastor’s daughter. So when I spent the next 6 days in the hospital, and the doctor wouldn’t release me without supervision, my parents decided to just withdraw me and take me home. Even though they had decided he was no good for me, Q respected my parents, and since they didn’t want us together he walked away. He said goodbye as he walked out of my hospital room the day before I went home. 

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