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A budding romance

Q was a 27 year old navy man, in school to become an officer. He had enlisted at 17 when he got himself in trouble, and was faced with either boot camp or a record. That past was long since behind him, but he still had that “bad boy” gleam. He and I sat there for probably the next hour laughing at some of the crazy banners and terrible artwork. He eventually asked if I’d like to go get a blizzard, and we headed off to dairy queen.

Our romance blossomed quickly, and I found myself feeling things that seemed much bigger than myself. He was one of the most respectful guys I had met up until then, he made me laugh, and he didn’t hide from his feelings. Just two weeks in, he flew back home for a family funeral, and it was a struggle not to say those three little words over the phone, for both of us. As soon as he stepped off the plane in Memphis, we both admitted our feelings, and our love only grew from there.

If we werent working or in class, we were always together. All his friends became mine, and vice versa. We went to every game together, had parties, and spent everybody spare moment together.

When mid terms came around, I took a lot of my things to his house so I could study and sleep in peace. My roommate in the dorms didn’t seem to realize that some people had 8am classes, and that turning all the lights on at 3am to bang around wasn’t a good idea.

The weekend after mid terms, my parents were scheduled to come up for a game. I was both excited and nervous for them to meet Q. But the night they were set to arrive, I found myself in tremendous pain. I tried to work, but got sent home after only an hour. After a couple hours in bed and pain getting progressively worse, I found myself at the campus health department, where I was quickly transported to the local hospital.

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