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A second great romance emerges

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Louisiguy was a very short-lived “thing.” Honestly, you really couldn’t call it a thing, even, because we never even went on date. We talked on the phone frequently. He came home a couple times over the next couple months, and we hung out when he did, but short of a kiss here and there, hanging out was all it was. When he called me the week I moved into my apartment and told me he had hooked up with another girl that weekend, my interest was done. I didn’t share by any means. Even when it wasn’t “official”, I would take interest in one person at a time until we decided it wasn’t for us. So, for him to mess with someone else while trying to pursue something with me, it meant I was automatically done. 

He was, however, very instrumental in my next great romance. On one of his trips home, he brought his best friend Anthony to hang out too. Those of you around at that point in my life or even regularly in my life now will know who this is, but so as to not blast him online, I won’t use the name he uses. I don’t honestly remember how Anthony got my number, or how we began talking. What I do know, is we were already talking before Louisiguy and I had called it quits. Which was why my mind just was not there with him. 

Anthony started flirting with me right away, but I just wasn’t sure I was interested. I especially wasn’t ready to jump from one friend to another, so I dated around a bit while we talked- a sure sign I wasn’t interested in pursuing anything.  He was a lifeguard at the beach, and I would go to his tower when I wasn’t with my regular group of friends at our typical spot. I even took other guys down there to his tower. He and I would talk regularly, but to me he was just a friend, until one night around the end of June that year.

I had gone to a party where my friend was meeting a guy. Another guy there expected that he would get lucky just because it was a party, and had his eyes set on me. I wasn’t about all that nonsense, but I was stuck until I found a ride since I had ridden with my friend. I finally got my roommate to come get me, and we ended up at another party with Anthony. He ended up charming me that night, and we made it official a week later on the 4th of July.

It was a whirlwind romance with Anthony. I’m not sure if we were both just desperate for love, or what, but I do know that relationship changed both of our lives. It was as if he “controlled” my emotions, because where I once couldn’t even see myself dating him, I quickly couldn’t see myself without him. It was only two months into the relationship when we started telling friends we wanted to get married. And it was thanksgiving that year when he decided to ask my parents permission. 

To see where this all began:

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