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Catching you up

Man it has been a while since I’ve been in this space. I do have a blog on de-schooling coming and hopefully many more after that. I still have to continue the story of when Kevin and I met. 

I know. I know. 

But I wanted to take a minute to just catch y’all up to speed with me and what has been going on with life. 

I’m sure we all know the obvious, covid. Coronavirus?

Chyna virus. Yeah, that. 

But that’s not what I intend to talk about, haha. Life is really just slowing down enough for me to breathe this year, kinda. You see, while most of the country shut down, I took opportunity to take my children to county commissioners meetings and teach them how to properly fight for your rights (read: not throwing bricks through windows of unrelated businesses.) Then once we successfully re-opened life in my home town, the influx of tourists commenced and my job with it. I landed a couple vacation rentals that I clean directly for the owners (no middle company) and they were booking frequently. As the season went on, I picked up a couple more houses. Right now it is looking like I will have 5 minimum next season and need to hire a crew. 

In the midst of that, we started classical conversations, and I founded a local homeschool co-op. We banded with other families that wanted to try to keep normal life for their kids, and we have weekly meetings. 

On top of THAT (yes, there is more) my two oldest kids started horseback riding, and Kane volunteers at the stables after his lesson. So I’m running everywhere for that. 

Between cleaning, condo laundry, homeschooling, co-op, riding lessons, running my husbands schedule, managing a house, training programs for classical conversations....y’all, I barely slept.

But the slow season is upon us, and I am brainstorming some ideas for my own store I plan to open. So you should hear from me more frequently now! I can’t wait for more feedback from all my fellow crunchy parents! Love y’all! 

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