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Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Probably the most common concern when people hear I don’t vaccinate is Polio. The fear of getting a virus that can cause lifelong paralysis is strong. But what if I told you that everything you knew about polio was wrong? 

Well, it is. Everything you’ve been told is a complete lie. Don’t believe me? Keep reading for the proof. All links available at the end.

 (Just to give proper credit, some of my information came from I did not quote him or copy him, and I used public links, so I did not obtain permission, but I still want to give credit where credit is due.)


Polio is not a virus.


My dad, who is completely on board with us not vaccinating, even argued with me adamantly about polio when I brought it up. Why? Because Polio is quite possibly the biggest scam in medical history. That’s  because, it is not actually a virus. It is not passed from person to person and it cannot be spread. In fact, it was caused by the pesticide Paris Green, a common pesticide used at the time made from arsenic. Some people may come back and say a link has also been made between DDT and polio, and yes, that is also true too. Paris green and DDT have very similar reactions and chemical makeups.  Most viral infections hit during the winter, however, polio strikes typically during the summer. It does a fast sweep and infects an entire area. It is not ironic that it hits during precisely the time you’d be spraying crops, or protecting your children from mosquitos. (DDT was used as mosquito repellant.)


Doctors won’t diagnose Polio in vaccinated patients.


Doctors were even instructed after the first vaccine came out to diagnose polio as several different diseases, so as to make the vaccine look effective. Dr. Ralph Scobey and Dr. Mortind Biskind actually testified before congress in 1951 that they knew Paris Green caused polio and the virus theory was created as a way to detract from the truth. 


Vaccines kill the weaker link.


Furthermore, in his own book and documentary of his book, Jonas Salk, the inventor of the first polio vaccine actually says that vaccines are created to kill off the weaker link. 


The iron lung was a created tragedy


Now, you’re probably confused at this point, because we have all seen the pictures of all the children in the iron lung. But once again, that was another lie. Yes, the iron lung did exist. However, the cause was the vaccine. The government actually force vaccinated hundreds of orphans to test the vaccine, causing mass paralysis and even some death. And yet, they still gave a green light to the vaccine. A vaccine, that is the only reason we still have any traces of this “disease” we know as polio today.  So my friends, do not fear polio. And the next time someone asks you, send them my way. 

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Paris green caused polio. Paris green and DDT have similar reactions and chemical compositions, and DDT was commonly sprayed or dusted on kids to repel mosquitos Polio cannot be spread from person to is not a viral disease. Dr Ralph Scobey and Dr Mortind Biskind testified before CONGRESS in 1951 that polio was caused by Paris green, and the virus theory was fabricated. The “iron lung” that everyone remembers and fears was actually the cutter incident, where the newly created polio vaccine was tested on hundreds of orphans, and many ended up paralyzed, and some died. In his own documentary, Jonas Salk, the inventor of the polio vaccine, admits that vaccines were meant to kill off the weaker link. (also can be read in his book.) The reason ANYONE still gets what we know as polio, is that the vaccine causes the same neurological damage. And also, on an unrelated but related note, the polio vaccine has been shown to cause hand, foot and mouth. The whole scheme is full explained in this book as well.

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