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WOW your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

A few years ago (seven, to be exact) I had this fabulous-beyond-fabulous hair treatment done called a Brazilian Blow Out. My once unmanageable, frizzy hair became something out of the movies. It went from taking 40 minutes to dry, and 40 minutes to straighten to 10 minutes to dry, and 10 minutes to straighten. It could get rained on and only do this gorgeous beachy wave, and it never frizzed. If it air dried, it was that same beachy wave. It was phenomenal. 

Shortly thereafter, my professional straightener bit the dust, and I took to Facebook asking for recommendations. It was then that my cousin asked why I didn’t just have someone teach me to dry my hair with a round brush and ditch the straightener all together. My current hair stylist can attest that that is just not possible with my hair, and I told my cousin that at the time. I believe my stylist’s direct quote from my hair cut just last month was “man, I tugged and pulled on the underneath section and it still just isn’t straight.” 

Yes, I have THAT much curl

Eventually, that magical treatment wore off, and my normal hair returned. I tried again a couple years later, but after two more kids, my hormones had changed my hair so much that it just wasn’t as magical. I thought my days of manageable hair were over.

On top of that, about two years ago, I started becoming increasingly aware of the nasty ingredients in most hair and skin care. A journey began to find good, clean products. Unfortunately, companies frequently get bought out, their ingredients change, and it becomes too much to keep track of. So, I began making my own. I found several things that worked for a while, but things changed once again

You see, I work with my husband. We own our own business detailing cars. The wash soap we use contains a simple wax. Not hair wax, car wax. He USED TO be nice and make a point not to spray me with the pressure washer. Somewhere along the way, though, he stopped caring, and then we got a new, more powerful pressure washer. Now, when he rinses off the cars, that soap gets sprayed at me. When I dodge, guess where it winds up? 

My hair

The homemade stuff wasn’t cutting it to take the wax out but not strip my hair completely. I had this gummy mess on my scalp, and my hairdresser had loads of fun getting it all out last month. 

Once again, I took to Facebook and asked for a good shampoo with CLEAN ingredients that would help my hair. I had seen advertisements for the apple cider vinegar shampoo, but I was honestly really skeptical. How often are these ads actually truthful? 

Not often enough

Two friends came back recommending that particular shampoo. A quick search on the Think Dirty app showed it had a “3” cleanliness score...which is good. I decided to give it a shot. 

I looked it up on amazon, and found a deal where I didn’t have to buy their conditioner too. I had a conditioner I loved, and the smell drives my husband crazy, so I didn’t really want to switch that. Wasting no time, I ordered a bottle and it was set to arrive in two days. 

The picture above is my hair in all it’s natural glory. It was air dried and braided to dry...and it’s still that’s big and frizzy. Had I blow dried, that mess would have been a giant Afro. This gives you an idea where I started. 

The first wash, (seen above) my hair felt cleaner than it had ever been, and yet not stripped of natural oils. It was fluffy, it blow dried well, it was soft and shiny. Being only a week since the salon, I wanted to make sure the results weren’t left over. I only wash once a week, so I have used it exactly 3 times now. These pictures  below are from last night. 

It is important to note that I have used nothing else on my hair. No frizz serum, no dry shampoo, no gel. I did not edit these pictures (other than the eyebrows on one, because the angle made mine disappear, haha) No straightener was used. I merely blow dried my hair, with a round brush- something formerly impossible. This is fresh off the dryer, still warm, even. 

Ignore the fan blown look from my ends since my husband turned it on during my photo shoot. Isn’t is phenomenal? It combs out better after a shower. It stays fresh longer. And it only took 20 minutes to dry.

I also used it on my daughters thin, fine hair. She has no more tears after a bath. It curls better. I can comb it out with my fingers in the morning where it used to matte up. It seems to be growing more too, which is phenomenal since her hair has never gotten long ever. 

And this is me outside in a rain storm today getting misted on.

I highly recommend this shampoo. You can get it here:

**This is an affiliate link and as an amazon affiliate, I will make commissions on qualifying purchases.**

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