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It’s somewhat fitting that this part of the story falls at this time of year. 

It was Father’s Day weekend 2010. Kane was with his dad for the weekend, so Q had gotten us a condo on the beach. My head was filled with a jumble of emotions. 

I don’t think I slept the entire night before. That Friday morning at work, I couldn’t concentrate.

Fortunately, my boss thought the whole thing was awesome and just kept laughing at me all day. I left work early to make the hour and a half drive to the airport. I had picked out the perfect dress, but I was still afraid of what was to come. What if it wasn’t what I remembered? What if he didn’t like me now? What if it did work and we had to try to figure out how to span the whole US to maintain a relationship? 

As I waited at the airport that day, I struck up a conversation with a lady also waiting for a loved one. She was excited for me to get to see him, and thought the story was remarkable. We talked to pass the time.

My stomach was in knots as they called his flight number for arrival. Impatiently, I waited as all the passengers from incoming flights exited the secured area. It seemed like the line of people was coming to an end and he hadn’t arrived yet.


Then I saw him.

He was wearing a white football jersey and had the biggest grin on his face. I threw my arms around his neck and he scooped me up into a warm embrace. We headed to check into the condo. 

As it turned out, his sister, who I had built a relationship with so many years before, happened to be on a road trip and was coming through the area that night. We planned to meet her for dinner, but until she got in we decided to hit the pool. 

I couldn’t tell you most of what we did that weekend. I stayed with him Saturday and left Sunday morning to go spend the day with my dad. He even sent a gift home with me for my dad to try to make peace. We had many talks of more visits, and planned to just see what happened. Neither one of us were really looking to settle down yet, so we both were ok with taking it easy despite our previous feelings. 

It was August before I saw him again. He bought a plane ticket for me to come meet him in  San Francisco. It was closer to him but still a vacation for the two of us. The trip was beautiful and I got the best weather while I was there. Sunny, breezy 70 degree weather and almost no humidity. 

That trip was also the last time I saw him. He told me his heart was shut down and he really didn’t want kids, so my kid was a no go for him. He had tried to get over it to give us another shot, but he couldn’t. He also said he wouldn’t even consider marriage until he retired, which was still many years away. We called it quits for good after that trip. We remained in touch and continued to talk, but only as friends. I went on in the dating world, not really finding anyone of value.

...Until the night before I was to move into my own apartment with Kane. I had run into some friends a couple weeks earlier, and one of them, Jen, had invited me to come to “band practice” with the guys. It was basically just a few friends jamming out. I walked in and saw two other guys I knew, and one I didn’t. Among them was Kevin. 

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