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Shield your skin with earthley

Truth be told, I’m not really a sunscreen wearer. I want to absorb vitamin d, and I don’t want the carcinogens and toxins in most sunscreens. And most of the natural ones I’ve tried just leave a little..or a be desired. 

But after Tyler’s mishap last summer, we had to find something to protect his burned arm. Even with the compression sleeve, the sun can beat through, and his skin is extra sensitive after being so badly burned. With spring now here, I was on the hunt. 

I stumbled on from becoming friends with its founder on Facebook. I went to check it out, thinking it was going to be similar products to what I sell. As I scrolled through the products, some were what I already had, but then I saw it- An all natural sun shield stick with only plant ingredients. As usual, I started reading reviews, and they were all fabulous. For only $5, I had to at least try it.

I ended up ordering two, and they shipped fairly quickly. They arrived in about a week, even though the company was in the process of moving the business location. That impressed me. I tried them immediately, and I liked how smoothly they went on. 

While I was using them daily for several days, the real test was going to be the weekend at the farm. We spend all day every day outside in the weekend, so he is exposed a great deal. Saturday morning, I applied it just before putting on his compression sleeve. Typically, when I take it back off, his burned arm is dark pink at the end of the day from being in the sun- not burned, but not the normal light pink either. We will call it flushed from the sun, because it goes away after a few hours. 

That evening when I took his sleeve back off for bath, his burns were the normal light pink, and the tip of his wrist above his scars was a nice golden color. Clearly, the sun shield had worked. 

The sun shield goes on a little more oily than *I* would like to wear, and I haven’t risked trying it for myself in case I leave someone’s car greasy while cleaning, haha, but it works great for my kids, and protects them without blocking anything beneficial, or putting unnecessary chemicals on their body. I will definitely be buying more. 

***I was not paid for, or asked to write this review. It is purely my thoughts on a natural product.***

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