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Sprinkle and Spray

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

The summers in Florida get ridiculously hot. But, if you’re like me, you don’t always want to go to the beach and battle tourists when you have littles. Pools are a ton of expensive maintenance. So how do you keep your kids cool in the summer? 

Enter Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat.

My kids range in age from 10 to 4, so finding something that all of them enjoy is nothing short of difficult. My youngest doesn’t like typical sprinklers because they soak him a little too much. He also can’t stand water in his eyes. On the other hand, my oldest needs something that he doesn’t feel is a baby toy. My daughter will play in any form of water or mud, anywhere, anytime. I had no doubt that she would love this product.

But I was nervous about the boys.

When the box came in, all 3 kids jumped up and down and begged me for the next two days to play with it. Saturday evening, I finally set it up for them. 

Set up was easy enough. It probably would have been easier if my kids hadn’t lost the instructions already. ::Insert eye roll:: My 10 year old had been messing with the piece that screws it to the water hose, so he informed me how to hook it up. (Thank God for kids- I’m starting to feel like my parents.) It took all of two minutes and we were ready to turn the water on. 

Five minutes later, the outer tube was full and the sprinklers started spraying. My kids were jumping in it immediately.

The middle acts sort of like a slip and slide, so they would run and slip on their butts into the pool and make a big splash. All were laughing very quickly. Even my water shy 4 year old ran through, although, much more slowly than the other two. All day today I have heard nothing but pleadings to set it up again. 

It was also easy to take down, which is a major bonus. We don’t want to kill the grass, which is why we don’t have a kiddie pool. It drained in approximately 5-10 minutes and folded up for the next use. My 10 year old was able to take it down by himself and clean it up. As a busy mom of 3, that squelched any last doubts I may have had.

The quality is durable, so I’m sure we will get many more uses off this product. If this looks right up your alley for summer fun, get yours here:

*I received this product as a very generous gift in return for a product review. All the thoughts and opinions are solely my own. 

**As an amazon affiliate, I receive commissions on any purchase from the link above.  

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