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Updated: Jun 18, 2019

For those who didn’t live the nightmare with us last summer, my youngest baby fell in a fire pit August 12. (Read about it This was something that followed, and I feel it should be documented. It is full of links and resources.

A lot of people were surprised I took the life flight with Tyler. I'm glad there was no issue and that I was small enough, or I would've had a very hard time letting him go. I knew what was about to come. The very first hospital we arrived at will remain nameless. But the conversation in the ER went as follows:

Doctor: "Is he up to date on his shots?"

Nurse: (with a bit of attitude) "they don't vaccinate."

Me: "My oldest has permanent neuro damage from his shots. My daughter almost died from her first 3 rounds. He doesn't need any."

Doctor: "I think he needs the tetanus shot."

Me: "If you thought he had tetanus you'd be giving him the TiG."

Doctor: "I don't think he has it. I want to protect him."

Me: "It takes 3 weeks to build antibodies to the vaccine. It takes 5-7 days to die from tetanus. He would be dead before the vaccine took effect. He doesn't need it."

Doctor: "I disagree."

This is the conversation that followed at every ER that night. Only, at this one, it didn't stop there. She then proceeded to go tell the nurse (where she thinks I can't hear) to try to find a time when I'm not paying attention to GIVE HIM ONE ANYWAY. I shudder to think what would happen if I had not been there as soon as he got off the life flight.

It is important to note that she said tetanus, but that's not exactly what she meant. While they CAN get single vial vaccines, most doctors rarely do. What they really wanted to give him was the DTaP, which is 3 vaccines. His body was already under great stress and they thought it needed more by adding 3 viruses into his body. I'm sure they didn't expect me to realize that either, but I digress.

Let's talk a little about tetanus. (I will include sources at the end.)

Tetanus is an anaerobic illness, meaning it is killed by oxygen. The human body is already a hostile environment for tetanus because your blood carries oxygen. Rusty nails cannot give you tetanus because rust is created by oxygen. Falling in a fire pit cannot give you tetanus because oxygen feeds fire. Are you seeing a trend?

It is commonplace to give the tetanus shot for every wound at the ER, but is completely unnecessary. Unless you are exposed to an open wound that does not bleed, and the object that made that wound is infested with fecal matter that contains the tetanus virus, you have no risk of tetanus. Even if you have a shallow wound and are exposed, if you douse it with hydrogen peroxide or force it to bleed, you will kill it and still don't need the vaccine.

A vaccine, by the way, that has never been studied for efficacy. (At least not the tetanus portion.)

I am thankful that we weren't at this hospital long. They clearly did not care that I had not only a daughter, but a brother almost die from that particular vaccine. They did not care that it is my right as a parent to decline. And they had nothing to say when presented with properly studied arguments other than "I disagree."

Check the links below, and research for yourself...but tetanus is a completely unnecessary vaccine.

To read more in my vaccine series, click one of these:

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If you or a loved one have been vaccine injured, get a good vaccine detox here:

Death toll for tetanus in 1944 and 1934 respectively showing declining numbers 3 years before the first vaccine

Tetanus comes from soil/ poop. And Only 233 cases reported from 2001-2008

(33 per year)

Study showing 197 of 200 people in a remote village who had never been vaccinated having immunity to tetanus

Death only happens in 10-20% of cases (or 13% according to the link above)

Higher death rates following the vaccine

Efficacy of the tetanus vaccine has never been studied

Ingredient list for all of the "tetanus" vaccines

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